Thursday, July 23, 2009

Secrets...Secrets...Are No Fun!!!

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So just a quick update, Heidi is now nearing the end of her 13th week of pregnancy, and she is looking amazing and Itsy Bitsy is growing...We had a doctor's visit last week and we had a great time watching the baby move around and hearing the heartbeat.

Now to get back to the theme of this post...I am definitely not one for secrets especially the ones that I have to keep from people, so keeping Heidi's pregnancy was not a fun chore for this guy...

One of the most challenging ventures was when Heidi and I strolled down to Gruene Hall with our friends, Matt and Shelley for a Reckless Kelly concert. We were also meeting up with Heidi's lifelong friend, Melissa and her husband.

Heidi and I are known to frequent a few Texas Music concerts during the year, and with that comes the consumption of a few German Soda Waters...BEERS! Well, Heidi knew that she was pregnant, so she would not be partaking in any adult beverages. The fun part was to not make the reason blatantly obvious to our friends. There was first a virgin vodka and club (club soda and lime), then the offering to be the designated driver, and finally her totting around an O'Douls bottle.

There were probably little bitty suspicions leading up to our announcement, but I for one was so glad to get that secret off my chest...This is one secret that didn't hurt anyone!!! Love you all!

- Parker

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