Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(Like a Little Fish) IN A BIG POND

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We headed out to Lake Travis on Sunday during Labor Day weekend to join the Knippa clan at the McCreery's lake house.  What a wonderful day it was enjoying each other's company, the beautiful weather (yes, it was a few degrees cooler than the scorching temps we'd been having), boats, jet ski's and good food!

I have to be honest, when Margie called to invite us out, I had a bit of apprehension with the idea of taking Reese on a boat.  I think it really all stems from the car seat advocate in me that preaches the importance of correct use of child safety seats, and the fact that we buckle our little ones up oh-so-tight to ride in the car, but casually just hop on a boat with them that is completely open and roaring down the middle of a busy lake.  Well, I got over my apprehension real quick, went and purchased an infant life vest, and went for it!

Boy, am I glad we did, because Reese loved every minute of the lake and all it had to offer!  She loved floating next to the dock, riding on the boat, and floating in the cove at Cow Creek.  I wish I had pictures of her at Cow Creek, but I was too much of a scaredy cat to take my camera on the boat and it end up at the bottom of the lake or water damaged.  She just floated around in her life vest kicking her feet like she knew exactly what to do--maybe those swim lessons taught her more than I thought!

It was so cute, as we were loading up, one of our little cousins asked "is Reese a lake rat?".  I got such a kick out of that and though she hasn't even had a chance to be a lake rat, since this was her first trip, she could just turn into one (especially since her 'rents love it so much too!)

Here are a few pics floating next to the dock.  Thanks again to the McCreery's for having us out...soooo fun!


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