Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7 Months

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This post is several weeks overdue, but I wanted to get something posted before the 8 month mark comes along and we forget what was going on at 7 months.  So now let me look back at the calendar to see what we were doing at the 7 month mark and rack my brain to remember what Miss Reese was up to.

Reese's little personality has been coming out more and more everyday.  She is such a people person (shocker!) and loves to be entertained (but what baby doesn't, for that matter)!  She is most content sitting up and playing with her toys, so rolling over is still something we've only seen a few times.  Of course, we know she can do it, she just prefers not to.

She continues to be a baby on the go and likes it that way!  It's amazing how her mood changes by simply taking her out of the house (even if it's just in the back yard).  We just wrapped up our 3 weeks of swim lessons, which she absolutely loved and deserves a post of it's own (coming soon!).  We also enjoyed several days at the ranch recently.  Kids love the ranch, and Reese is no different.  She was in heaven sitting under the big tree, enjoying the breeze (when it decided to show up) and hangin out with the fam.  I'm sure her love for the ranch will only grow as she gets older.

ready for her first day of swim lessons
celebrating Honey's birthday at the Salt Lick
pretty blue eyes!
thinkin' she's big stuff on Swayzee's Power Wheels

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