Thursday, May 5, 2011

15 Months

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The 15 month mark has come and gone, and Miss Reese surprises us with something new everyday.  She continues to be a big eater.  In fact, that topic is a constant from her teachers at school.  Reese loves school and has officially started full-time this week.  I'm so thankful that her teachers always have good things to say about her, specifically what a good child she is, always in a good mood and overall how easy she is.  That's always refreshing to hear, because she's beginning to get quite testy with us at home.  I don't think it's anything out of the norm, but she sure knows how to push her limits doing things she knows she shouldn't.

Given her stats below, I'm thinking she's going to be more like her dad than me.

Weight: 23 lbs 4 oz (60%)
Height: 31.5 inches (80%)


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