Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Registry Reaction

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Ok, so I thought the whole baby registry process was going to be a piece of cake last night, and it wasn't bad, but I was amazed at how much I second-guessed myself throughout the process. I mean, I used to be in a Babies R Us like every other day and completely felt comfortable with everything...that was until I had to pick out things for myself and IBP. The other funny thing is I think I take for granted how new all of this garb is for JP, too. See he is quite familiar with the Graco line because he doesn't really have a choice but to hear me talk about it and see remnants of conference calls on the desk, but just like me, when it comes to all of the other stuff, he doesn't have a clue.

Of course, as far as gear, I'm already pretty well covered on that given my association with the leading juvenile manufacturing company in the US, so JP and I didn't even walk those aisles. However, I'm thrilled to start actually using (instead of marketing) my sweetpeace, wood Pack 'n Play, and highchair. I think I might be amazed how my marketing point of view changes on these products once I actually use them as a parent.

So, the other big challenge (which, btw, I'm still crazy about) was not knowing if it is going to be a boy or girl. I've already picked out my bedding at Restoration Hardware, so I thought the hard part was over. But then, I get inside BRU and everything seemed like it was pink OR blue. Of course there were several things that I would have picked in pink or blue, but instead went the safe way out and went with the green, blue or yellow. And then other things I didn't pick at all because I didn't want to take the risk.

All in all, I think we have a pretty comprehensive list (minus gear) for IBP and since Graco doesn't make joggers, I had to go for the BOB Ironman...looking forward to using it and getting into shape before Matt and Shell's wedding on May 1!

I can only imagine what this process would have been like if I didn't have the knowledge that I do...I guess that's where mom friends and those quick start guides the retailers give out come in handy.

For any of you parents out there, I would love to hear your top picks so I can compare to see if they made my list or not.

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