Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Beautiful Day

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Our lives changed forever at 2:06 pm last Friday--and for the absolute best! 

It all started with my weekly appointment on the previous Wednesday.  The docs office was very busy and finally after waiting 1.5 hours in the waiting room, I finally got taken back to an exam room.  One of my doc's nurses came in to do my check, since I know they were trying to make up some time to fit everyone in before the end of the day.  I was 2 cm dialated and 60% effaced.  Being that IBP's due date was the following Monday and a mere 5 days away along with my progress, she began talking about the option of induction.  I have been against inducing all along because of some of the horror stories I had heard about extremely long labors, often ending in C-sections, etc, etc.  JP wasn't with me at the appointment, so I really wasn't making any decisions then and there, but as soon as I left the office, my mind began wandering.  Should I do this?  When? I wonder if things will be as easy as the nurse lets on? Then I began thinking that we were about to be upon the weekend and I knew that my doc was not on call, so if IBP came over the weekend (which had a high probability per my doc), a different doc from the practice would be delivering her.  I picked my doc for a reason and really wanted him to do the delivery, so I was gravitating on the side of inducing.  After several rounds of phone tag with the office and several questions, we decided to book it because a Friday morning check-in was available.

So, we were set and as soon as we made our final decision on Thursday afternoon, everything began to feel so surreal.  Alarm sounds at 3:45 am on Friday (after JP and I both tossed and turned all night) and our beautiful day began.
final preggo pic and about to leave the house

We checked in to the hospital at 4:45 am and by 5:30 am, my IV was in and Pitocin started.  Around 8:30 am, the doc came in to break my water and things really got going then.  Progress continued and I finally got the epidural at about 6 cm and what a difference it made!  Love the epidural!!! 
staying connected during labor

quick house divided pic with Dr. Seeker and my nurse Kessa

At 1:30 the nurses began breaking down the table and calling the doc in because IBP was near.  After less than a half hour of pushing, our little beauty was here!  The experience was absolutely amazing and the end result words cannot explain.  We have been living on cloud 9 ever since!  We are absolutely in love with our Baby Reese!
loading up to go home

she has stolen our hearts!

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