Thursday, June 2, 2011

HOTlanta, it was!

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I took a really quick trip to Atlanta this week to shoot an installation video and product feature video for a new car seat Graco has coming out later this year.  I don't know what it is about the product development cycle of Graco's car seats, but I feel like we are always filming in the heat.  I think the high was 98 yesterday, and just imagine how it's magnified even more with all of the lighting and being in and out of a mini-van for a majority of the day.  I know I'm from Texas and should be used to it (considering we've already had several days over 100), but that's why our electric bills are through the roof for at least 6 months out of the year...WE LOVE OUR AIR CONDITIONERS!

Anyway, I wore khakis instead of skinny jeans this time, in hopes that they would feel a little cooler.  And they did, I just felt a little frumpier that usual.  The heat was quite brutal though, but Todd at Fraser Films was really great about letting me hang out in the house whenever we weren't shooting.  He kept saying, "we've got to keep you fresh".  Well, I was far from feeling fresh, but hopefully I looked fresh....enough, anyway.

It was a long day, reporting to set at 8 am, wrapping at 6:30 pm and catching a flight back to the ATX and returning home at midnight.  I've done enough of these that the process has become kind of like habit, but the poor makeup stylist, Stacey, had a little more work than normal touching me up every 10 minutes, it felt like since I was basically melting.

Lunch is always a great break, though, when Chef Jaye is cooking.  We had a tortellini pasta salad with feta, flank steak, salmon, chilled cucumber soup, and hearty chocolate chip cookies.  Yummy, to put it lightly and  great perk of working with this team.

Here's a quick look at the setup:
 it just looks hot, doesn't it?

 this is the monitor the Graco team and the producer watch to ensure all looks good...hopefully this shot doesn't make the cut.
 prepping for the product feature video

demoing with a crash dummy how to properly use the harness

So what it comes down to, is the work still has to get done, whatever the conditions. Oh and how could I forget to mention the bee hive located inside the brick column of the carport, just a couple feet from the van.  Thankfully they were nice and didn't sting anyone!

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