Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Magic on Rodeo Drive

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I'm absolutely ashamed of my brief blogging hiatus, but between blogging here and keeping up with my other load of responsibilites, this one has ended up on the back burner.  Of course, there is a ton that I could retro post, but I'm true to myself and know that won't happen, so I'm just going to pick up in the here and now.

From the title of this post, you might be thinking we recently took a trip to Beverly Hills.  Well, as much as I would have loved to afford to do my Christmas shopping in the great LA burb, I'm simply speaking of the good 'ole ATX here, which to me is just as good (if not better)!

I'm referring specifically to the magic our Elf on the Shelf has brought to our home.  Reese's Godparents gifted it to her this year, and she has embraced it all....the book, the movie, "An Elf's Story" (that we watch about every other day, thank goodness for DVR) and of course the elf himself.

His name is Chippey, since we watched the movie just before he made his initial appearance here on Rodeo Drive.  And being an almost 2 year old, I'm not sure she could think quite beyond her now favorite movie to come up with a more original name, so Chippey it is....this year anyway.  I decided to not write his name in the book just yet, because I have a feeling next year he might have a new name....or not...we'll see.

Even to a 22 month old, Chippey has quite the hold on her.  We have recently taken on a more high maintenance bedtime routine which includes me singing Reese to sleep.  (insert laugh here, because we all know how glorious my voice is).  And, sometimes after many songs sung multiple times, her eyes still beam wide open and as soon as I leave the room, she gets up, stands at the door and the crying begins.  At one point last week, I said (through the door) "Chippey wants you to go get in your bed and close your eyes".  There was immediate silence, and she obeyed exactly Chippey's wishes.   Dang, I love this elf!  I'm happy to report that we are finally back to a less high maitenance bedtime routine!
Chippey's hangout today.  Maybe this means we will see his magic this evening, too as he whips up dinner for us.
JP and I have really had a lot of fun beginning this tradition in our home.  We have decided, however, to save a lot of the creative Chippey antics for years to come, when they will be fully appreciated.  It really is magical, though to see the gleam in her eyes and smile on her face when she wakes up, looks around the house, and finds Chippey in a new place each morning.  And coming home from school to find him in the same place is just as good.  When we're out and about, she asks about him and completely understands that he talks to Santa every night.

Oh, and speaking of Santa, I have to include our trip to see him.  Reese was so excited, but of course as soon as she sat on his lap, she fussed a bit.  But it wasn't for long and I feel like I could read exactly what was going through her mind by the look on her face: "I'm a bit scared of this guy in the red suit and beard, but his clothing and hat look a lot like Chippey's.  And Mommy and Daddy say Santa and Chippey are friends and he brings presents to good girls like me, so I better not pout and I better quit crying".
Oh the magic of is beautiful!

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