Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Like a Little Fish

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So, I mentioned that we recently wrapped up 3 weeks of swim lessons.  We did lessons twice a week (30 minutes each) for 3 weeks with Aqua-Tots and Reese loved every minute of it.  Looking back now, I can't even recall one time that she fussed during her lessons.

JP came to the second lesson to watch and take pics, and I'm sure he was wondering why on earth I paid good money for these, but the truth is, Reese and I both learned some things and I now feel as confident as ever having Reese in the water.

We had to wait until Reese was 6 months old to even enroll, and her class takes kids from 6 - 18 months, so there was a lot that Reese just physically couldn't do at her age, like climbing along the side of the pool, and using her elbows and knees to get out of the pool.  I still spent time at these stations with her though and went through the motions with her so that she was still learning.

This little fishy LOVES the water!  We learned how to glide on our belly and float on our back and the first day, the instructor couldn't believe how calm Reese was on her back and didn't resist at all.  And going under the water? SHE LOVED IT!
Of course in between all of our activities, there was ever-constant splashing!


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