Monday, March 22, 2010

2 months

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We had Reese's 2 month checkup how time flies!  She is long and lean weighing in at 11.5 pounds and 23 inches long.  We have been battling her reflux and are now on our second medication to try.  Beyond the reflux making her uncomfortable, she really is a great baby.  I think her favorite place to be is in her car seat, considering it makes her upright enough to feel some relief.  It sure does make it easy to go-go-go..which is really all we've done lately, so that is a plus!  She's really getting into the interacting stage where she smiles, coos and laughs at us when we talk to her (videos to come soon) is truly one of the best things to see that beautiful smile and it just makes my heart melt.

We had all of her vaccines done a couple weeks early since we are headed to Atlanta on Wednesday.  We figured we should be on the safe side for her first plane ride.  I'm saying my prayers that she does well and is not "that parent and child" that I always used to be so frustrated with on my plane rides and tuned out with my iPod.  Oh, why are we going to Atlanta?  Well, we are filming a car seat installation and demo for Graco on Thursday.  I will be sure to keep you updated on how it goes and the finished product of course, but it's going to be one like this and this that I've done in the past.  I'm looking forward to the trip and seeing some of my work friends while I'm there, too!

Here are some of my favorite recent pics of my lovely little lady.

Family Photos

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We also used the Sip n See to get some family photos is our first attempt.

Reese with the Mama and the Papa
trying to get set for the 4 generations pic
Here we are...Reese still not looking at the camera
even though this is with the paci...I just love it!
with Grandpa and cute!
With Honey and Grampy...we have a trend here of the grandpa's looking at the baby

A Busy Brenham Weekend

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We were in Brenham last weekend once again for a weekend filled with festivities.  On Saturday morning we helped host a bridal brunch for Karla along with Vicky and Melissa.  I sure enjoyed seeing everyone and it was great for Reese to meet all the lovely ladies!  Unfortunately, Reese decided to spit up all of the guest of honor.  Sorry, Karla...hopefully we will be growing out of this sooner than later.

Vicky and Rosemary with Reese

Karla and Leslie with Reese
all the ladays (and Reese and Madalyn)

Saturday was also Rob's birthday, so we celebrated with the fam and Reese got to see some of her cousins...Beckett, I hope you are feeling better and we'll catch you next time!

Emma sharing the love

Reese and Finley--4 months apart

Then we get to Sunday and Reese's Sip N See for all the Brenham peeps that had yet to meet her.  It was a beautiful day and I know Reese enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people that have been such great family and friends to us! Thanks so much to Honey and Grampy, Grammy and Grandpa, and Bill and Dana for hosting.

Reese with the Betty's
Jana and Dana with Reese

Edna and Aunt Helen with Reese

Jamie getting her practice...we can't wait to meet Baby Rankin!

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