Friday, September 9, 2011

We are pet-free and in the minority, it seems.

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I picked Little Miss up from school yesterday and her teacher asked us to bring in a picture of our pet(s).  I guess they are doing some type of activity with it today.  I mentioned that we don't have any pets, to which she responded in pure amazement at the fact that we didn't have any.  She then asked Reese, "it's all about you, isn't it".  To which she responded with a head nod and a very clear "YES".  All the while I'm pondering, "are we the only family out of her class who doesn't have any pets".  So, on the way home, I debated sending a pic of a friends dog (that we often dog-sit), but then I had a better idea.  I'll just send a picture of Pink Bear and Horsey (her lovies), because they are loved a lot and in a sense her pets (that sleep with her).

Of course, I then got busy cooking supper, playing chase, and reading books and completely forgot about the picture until JP called this morning after he dropped her off with the words, "we forgot the picture".

Well, it's just another reason I love my work situation and location, because I could still make it happen.  So I grabbed Pink Bear and Horsey, propped them up on the chair, took a few snaps, uploaded, printed and VIOLA!

Now, I can hardly wait to hear what her reaction was during their "activity" when all of her friends probably had pictures of dogs, cats, birds and such and she had Pink Bear and Horsey.  But, I couldn't let her feel left out just because we are currently pet-free, right!?

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