Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On the Run

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So with Reese's 2 month birthday came her first ride in the jogger.  This was one purchase I was really picky about.  I love to run and be outdoors and I was determined to continue this once the little one arrived too.  So I decided on the BOB Ironman, which is supposed to be the primo for runners.  I have to admit after using it for the past two days, I really don't have any complaints.  From my time in the baby gear business, I did learn that to be a true jogger, you have to have a fixed front wheel.  I know you might be asking yourself, "well how do you turn it?".  Well, this thing is so lightweight and maneuverable you simply put a little weight on the back and move the front tire where you need to go...I love it!  And, no, my Graco loyalty has not gone out the window...they don't make a stroller suitable for running, however I did get in contact with one of our sales reps to get me the best deal on my BOB, so it does help knowing people in the industry.

Now on to the run itself.  Let me just put it this way, if you want burn some extra calories and work harder on your normal run and route, simply put a baby in a jogger and you've got yourself a pretty extreme workout.  First of all, you have to push the thing, so that leaves only potentially one arm free to run with.  That in itself is an adjustment.  And for me, my iPod is also in one hand, so it does become a bit of a juggling event.  Hills of course are much harder when you are pushing a stroller.  Reese, of course only weighs 11.5 pounds, but that's enough to keep me huffing and puffing.  Throw in the crazy wind today, and I found myself having to take a walk in some parts of my route.

So, I look forward to mastering my runs, stroller and all...wish me luck!

Wide awake and ready to go

Must have fallen asleep at the very end...out like a light!

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