Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's True What They Say...

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...the second child gets the short when it comes to documenting all the little things that occur in those first several months.  Well, I agree I've been a bit remiss on keeping up with the blog and informing all of you of what milestone Miss Quinn is mastering right now, but there has been no lack of our attention for her.  In fact, she probably gets more than her big sister did.  This little lady is a snuggler and LOVES to be held!  Perhaps all this holding is the reason for the constant ache in my neck and shoulder?  And perhaps my hands haven't been free enough to blog?

The past 4 months have definitely been busy, but each day I look at this sweet little baby and wonder what in the world we did without her.  Of course, I wondered the same thing after Reese was born and thought to myself "what did I do with my time before her?".  Again, I ask myself "what did I do with my time before 2 little ones?".  I have the privilege of working from home and the privilege of having Miss Quinn right here with me.  I didn't take any certain amount of "leave" this time around, but have managed to keep business running fairly smoothly with my her right by my side.  In fact, I've also started a side business, but more on that in another post :)

She truly has been such a joy and her smile is absolutely contagious!  If she's having a fussy moment, I love taking her to look in the mirror and her mood immediately changes to one of absolute delight, and mine does too!  She's yet to officially roll over, but I watched her on the monitor today throw her legs to the side and wiggle around in her crib until she had done a complete 180 with her head ending where her feet began when I put her down.  I'm sure more mobility is only a matter of time.

Reese has become quite smitten with her as well.  It's so invigorating to hear her say I love you to her baby sister and talk in that baby voice, pinching her sweet meat as I do.  Can we say  mini-me?

So since we're playing catch up, here is how she's grown:

1 month: 9 lbs 15 oz (73%), 22.25 inches (90%)
2 months: 10 lbs 13 oz (40%), 22.5 inches (50%)
4 months: 12 lbs 12 oz (20%), 24.75 inches (60%)

So far, much smaller than her big sister, in fact I think the height at our 4 month check this morning was a bit inflated.  So perhaps she's going to look like her daddy and be short like me?


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