Tuesday, June 22, 2010

5 Months

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Wowzers!  We're almost to the half-year mark.  Our little lady continues to amaze us and keep us smiling!  She continues to communicate with her voice, ranging from giggles, to laughs, to screeches, to coos and da das.  Of course JP says she is saying "Daddy", but of course we all know she isn't consciously calling out his name.  Everything goes straight to her mouth, even the soap in the bathtub!  Her feet have become her favorite toy, and just today I noticed she had her big toe in her mouth, too!  It amazes me how flexible babies are! 

As for other milestones, she has yet to rollover.  I feel like she gets somewhat close, but honestly I don't think she has any interest in it right now.  She is almost sitting up by herself, so I think she might sit up completely unassisted before she rolls over, which quite honestly is ok with me, considering I will have to be much more diligent in where I set her and not turn my back.  Of course, I want her to reach these milestones on time, maybe even early, but I'm kind of ok just the way things are now.

We have spent quite a bit of time the past 3 weeks in Brenham for various events.  It's been fun hanging out with all of the grandparents and cousins, too!  Ta ta for now.
cousin love!
with Grandpa and Finley (yes, they are only 4 months apart)
our attempt to get all 4 cousins in one shot
and this is what it turned in to...Reese was huuuungraaaay!
loving outside with Grammy
loving her daddy on Father's Day
Finally made it into Uncle Mike's arms

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