Wednesday, October 27, 2010

9 Months

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So here we are at the 9 month mark and Reese is still not crawling.  The more and more I read about this and talk to her doctor, it is actually completely normal, especially since she isn't lacking in any of the other developmental milestones...she's just going to do it on her own clock.  They say many babies skip crawling all together...who knows, maybe she'll be one of them!  She's gotten quite good at scooting in a circle on her bottom and moving backwards on her stomach, but just not crawling forward on her hands and knees.  Of course, I know it will be a whole new world for us all when she truly does becomes mobile and I'm enjoying that I can still set her in one spot and know that she's probably only going to move around that 3-6 ft radius, but what parent doesn't want their little one to master this milestone in a timely manner!?

9 month stats:
weight: 19 lbs 14 oz (74th percentile)
height: 29 inches (90th percentile)

Boy have we been busy this past month!  Of course there was the big trip to Vegas, Round Top Antique Festival, TX/OU in Dallas, and Finley's 1st birthday party just to name a few. 

Reese is showing her personality more and more everyday...she is such a ham!  She is such a sweet little baby and we are looking forward to what's next!
lunching in Dallas with Daddy
 one of her favorite things...standing up in her crib
 having fun with Emma
lovin' the big ball
tailgating with Amy...just sorry we missed Will...AGAIN!

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