Friday, August 28, 2009

Preparing for Pink?

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...Are you kidding? We've decided to wait until IBP joins us in this world to decide whether to prepare for pink, and we're sticking to it. I always thought I would find out being the planner that I am, but my dad has always said that this is one of the best surprises in life. That coupled with the fact that friends like The Ehlert's also had a fun time waiting for a surprise made me think I wanted the same.

Well, last Monday I had my 17 week doc appointment and we could have found out whether IBP will be clothed in pink or blue, but we stuck to our guns and have decided to wait. Dr. Seeker did the ultrasound, we watched the entire thing, then at the end he wrote "secret" in the comments. I asked him if he knew what IBP was going to be, and of course he did. JP always thought he would be able to tell from the ultrasound, but I think we are both up in the air on this one. He asked if we wanted to be tortured by having him write it down and seal it in an envelope, but I think I can do without that. So, our doc is the only one who really knows whether it's a boy or a girl.

The rest of my visit went great. IBP is right on schedule and looks as healthy as can be. It is always a great reassurance since there is always that fear of the unknown. I love seeing that little baby on the screen--wish I could do it everyday!

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