Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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I only wish I could be as diligent as all you other bloggers out there and get my Christmas posts out on time, but because I didn't, it's gonna be all wrapped up here!

I think back to this time last year and how I was growing quite large with only 4 weeks to go before Reese was born.  Then I look at all of our celebrations and festivities of the Christmas season this year and thank the Lord for bringing us such a beautiful little lady to entertain and delight us.  I mean, I know we weren't bored before, but dang, did we just twiddle our thumbs before her?

Christmas 2009

So, really it was a most wonderful time of the year, and we enjoyed every minute of it with our friends and family.  We headed west to the ranch on the 22nd to spend Christmas with my family, with a stop in Fredricksburg to celebrate JP's birthday.  Good wine at Lincoln Street and beer-battered 'shrooms at Auslander....yeeeaaaaahhhh!  JP didn't seem to have a lot of luck in the deer hunting category this year, as Christmas day came and it was time for us to leave, but one last drive around with Michael yielded an axis doe.  And let me just say...that is some good eatin'!  I'm also having the hide tanned and looking forward to new pillows for my sofa...you know I saw some at Christmas Affair for $120 a pop!

So, back to Austin we go on Christmas day evening (after the deer had been cleaned and cut up).  Then, to Brenham we went on the 26th to celebrate with the Parker's.  Yes, we were on the road quite a bit, which is fine for now, but I do look forward to Reese waking up at home on Christmas morning sometime in the future.

Many people have asked me how Reese enjoyed her first Christmas, and quite frankly, I think she was pretty much oblivious to it.  Yes, she is enjoying her new toys, but all in all, doesn't have a clue!  Even though I'm planning a nice party for her 1st birthday, I'm totally aware that it too won't mean a thing at this point in time.  I really thought she would enjoy opening presents, but actually all she wanted to do was eat the wrapping paper (which she did...it's great protein, right!?)
So, really, I'm already looking forward to Christmas 2011, because I know Reese will still be very young, but I know it will be much more magical for her than this year (and hopefully she's as easy going when we go to see Santa)!


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