Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Zoo

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Reese and I have been trying to do whatever we can to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we've been blessed with lately.  So we got together with Baby Neuhaus, and headed to the Austin Zoo.

I honestly wasn't expecting too much, considering most people aren't even aware that Austin has a zoo, and actually it's darn near to Dripping Springs.  JP even joked before we went, "oh, ya'll are going to see some goats, cows and birds today?".  But, all the same, I knew it would entertain Miss Reese.  Of course, it's nothing like a big city zoo, and definitely not like the San Diego zoo, which I hear is the ultimate, but did provide some entertainment looking at common and not-so-common creatures.

We saw monkey's, tigers, peacocks, jaguars, wolves, parrots, cheetahs, goats, pigs, deer, chickens, and more.  I was especially impressed with the tigers.  I think the zoo has about 5 total and we had the pleasure of witnessing a little tiff between two of them.  I say "a little tiff", but I sure wouldn't want to be involved in it.  They were scratching at each other, roaring and pushing each other down.  And I forget what large animals they are.  I don't think Reese even blinked, but Lindsey and I were quite entertained.

So, anyway, not really an "above and beyond" zoo, but definitely a place I will take her back to.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, given the fact that it is a bit out of town, some of the views of the hill country are absolutely amazing!

And, of course, while we waited to ride the train, the girls were entertained best by playing in the dirt and picking up leaves and rocks.  It's keeping them out of Reese's mouth that is the challenging part for me!

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