Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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So, the 1 year celebration has come and gone, but I can't forget to post how we are growing!

weight: 22 lbs 2 oz (70%)
height: 29.75 inches (75%)

Reese took her 4 shots like a champ.  Of course, there was a little drama while she was getting poked, but by the time we walked out of the room, she was just fine.

She continues to pretty much eat anything in sight.  If someone around her has food, she's on her way to belly up to them and beg just like a little puppy.  We put a plate full of food in front of her at meals and 90% of the time it is clean (and 50% of the time she wants 2nd's).  She's got a mouth full of teeth--12, I think, so she is becoming more and more of a pro at mealtime.

She is beginning to take a few steps here and there between things to hold on to, but continues to cruise for safety or uses her walker to get places.  She's still a scooter, but has begun to crawl a little bit, especially on carpet.  I guess she figures on the slick floors, she can get to where she wants to go quicker if she just scoots.

She can tell us where her tongue, nose, mouth, teeth and ears are.  Her favorites are Pink Bear, Monkey, and all of her new dolls.  And she absolutely LOVES her new chair and stays in it for the duration of Your Baby Can Read and Praise Baby.  It just amazes me sometimes what all she knows, and I know this is only the beginning!


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