Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Roadtrippin' It.

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We took a roadtrip Memorial Day weekend. 

Are you surprised that it was centered around a UT sport? 

Well anyway, it all started the weekend before when Texas was playing their final series against the Aggies and our friends Shell and Matt said, "hey, let's go to Oklahoma City next weekend for the Big 12 tournament".  My first thought was NO.  And the thoughts that ran through my head were of an uncomfortable and bored toddler riding in the car, not wanting to be at the games we wanted to be at, in the end having to spend more time in the hotel room than I wanted and screwing up our friend's (who don't have kids yet) weekend.  But, by the end of the weekend, I was totally gung-ho and brought myself to remember to just have low expecations about the whole trip and go with the flow.  It also helps to have great friends that are go-with-the-flow people, too (and entertain my child)!

Well, I think know little Miss likes going as much as we do!  It's the times when she's in the house for too long that she gets whiny and not fun to be around.  So this roadtrip was just her style and let me tell you, she is my little trooper!

After a 6 hour drive (all 5 of us comfortably in Shell's company sedan), we arrived on Friday afternoon just in time for the game.  We went straight to the stadium, and Reese was thrilled to be out of the car and giddy to soak it all in. (especially the Cracker Jacks that she flagged down the vendor for...not sure how she even knew what they were, but she sure does now and LOVES them)

proud Daddy!
We were able to enjoy an adult dinner that evening til 10:30 or so as she slept peacefully in her orange chariot.
 it bubbled like a volcano...yummy!
Friends! (Disclaimer: Reese is right by the camera sleeping soundly)

Saturday brought two games, perfectly spaced to catch a nap in between, and it was refreshing for all of us to get a little mid-day shut eye.
the restaurant overlooking the ball field was a nice break from the heat 

our crew

Post (2nd) game we found a great wine bar with live music and a fairly empty patio for Reese to run around on.  You know it's all about finding the right venues that make Mama, Daddy, and Reese (and Matt and Shell) happy.  We did learn though, that Oklahoma does have a law against kids in a bar, so we had to enjoy our evening cocktail in the hotel lobby vs. the hotel bar.  But, we enjoyed it all the same!

The trip home on Sunday was even smoother than Friday.  Two little naps and a stop for lunch at Joe T's in Ft. Worth was all she needed.

So, this toddler continues to be a great at adapting to whatever environment we put her in--especially hotel rooms and practicing her favorite pastime.

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