Tuesday, January 19, 2010

39 Weeks

Posted by TEAM PARKER at 8:37 AM
So here we are at 39 weeks (and 1 day) and expecting the arrival of IBP any day now!  I'm so ready to meet this little one, to know what his/her name is going to be and just know our newest addition.  The world talks about pregnancy being 9 months, but in reality, the pregnancy life cycle is 40 weeks, which is really 10 months.  So being just a week shy of the 10 month mark, I think back a bit at the past 39 weeks and I have to say for the most part it has been a piece of cake.  Of course, I've had my uncomfortable moments these last several weeks, which make me more ready than ever for this little one to be here, but all in all I have had a truly wonderful pregnancy and I wouldn't change a thing.  So, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on  my favorite thing about being pregnant (besides indulging my sweet tooth more than ever before!).  Hands down, being able to feel this little life move around inside of me has been the most fun!  It is truly a miracle and I sit in awe and enjoy being kicked every single day!  Take a visit over to the Graco blog for more of my sentiment on this topic.

So, hopefully our next post will be to announce the birth (and sex, and name, and weight, etc.) of IBP!  We can't wait!


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